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Terms and Conditions

Locks or penicaps CANNOT be changed or refunded, by hygienic reasons as soon as opened.  A return or refund is ONLY  possible if  a) the inner package seal is unbroken, b) in case of a defective material failure (case or lock, warranty 1 year). See detailed description in “terms and conditions”. In case of a wrong size order, a following order gets a 20% discount  (“wrong-size-discount”).

Penicap: Returnals because of wrong fits or measurements are not accepted by hygienic reason, exchanges are not possible.
Cancel of penicap orders (or changes) because of wrong size is only possible, if the order has not yet been shipped.
All 8mm- Penicap and pins are noncancellable, because they are made on demand only upon your specification by our manufacturer. ( 3 weeks manufacturing time)
So:  please be careful and realistic when taking measurements, repeat meausring a few times before you place the order!

Warranty for damages or color changes of the plastic mould due to use of wrong chemicals or heat is not excluded.
Slight color changes after long usage by urine, sweat and aging are normal.
Designs may alter slightly from shown pictures in the website, also the color.

LustLock disclaims any responsibilties, which are due to allergies, inflammations, injuries, psychic damage or loss of libido, which are related to the application of the locks on the human body in any way. LustLock allows the application of the lock only for consensual use.

Piercings Locks/ Penicap Locks: New, unworn padlocks with a mechanical defect of the lock mechanism can be returned within 10days. Worn and used locks with lock failures are not accepted. Lifetime of locks is dependent of correct care. WIth heavy use, the plating of hasp and bodylock can wear out, which is normal. All locks are semi-manually handcrafted. Slight marks of tool proceeding, assymetries, and fine scratches due to the original manufacturers machining are common and must be accepted.

Zip-Locks: Returnals because of wrong measuring of your zip are not accepted. So please read carefully the mounting instruction on the website and examine carefully your zip if it suits the Z-Lock. Liability for damages on the tissue of the textile or leather of the zip, or any injuries of yourself, especially when burning or punching holes in the garment, is explicitely excluded.

FUNCTION FAILURE/ DISCOMFORT/ NON-FIT : The function (full impossibility of masturbation or not accessibility to the enclosed genitals) and a comfortable long term fit of penicaps and locks are accomplished in most individuals, but not in all (individual sensitivity, anatomic incompatibility, irritation). Therefore there is NO guarantee to 100% effectivity or comfort in every individual.  A return or refund by these reasons are EXCLUDED.

ORDER Terms: Items will only be shipped after arrival of payment.
Items in stock will be shipped within 1 week. For oders of items not in stock you will be noticed by email.

SHIPPING/ LOST PARCELS: The shipping is done with the standard national mail company from Switzerland (Swisspost), who will handle the parcel to your national mail carrier, by registered and insured mail with a tracking number. EU is 5-7 days, Overseas shipping usually 8 – 20 d, rarely up to 4 weeks. A postal search inquiry will be started by us after 3 weeks of not-reception. As soon as the parcel is declared by the postal services as “lost” (this may take up to 2 months), the full amount incl. shipping fee will be refunded by Lustlock to the customer.
Lustlock is not liable for delay caused by postal services, or for recompense due to delay.

In case of incorrect adress, wrongly given by the client (like missing house number etc.), undeliverable package due to absence of the purchaser, or not collected at the postal office deposit, all registered packages will be returned to us. A second sending will only be done it the purchaser pays the the postal charge again.

VAT/ CUSTOMS TAXES/ HANDLING FEES: The parcel has the customs declaration form CN22, and contains a neutral description for penicaps: “plastic form and lock” and the value, forlocks: “Lock” and the value. VAT and/or customs taxes, handling fees will be imposed ADDITIONALLY in most countries by your national postal service.